• gascogne Instinct boheme collection : a mixture of styles and periods for a personal decoration with a hint of passion

Mix of influences and cultures, replenish the joy and simplicity of yesteryear.
It’s a lifestyle closer to nature, to escape and accumulate memories …
in the spirit hut, a workshop, a family home.

Parement bois mont blanc collection Instinct Bohème
Parement bois Trefle d'eau & belle île collection Instinct Bohème
Parement bois Edelweiss collection Instinct Bohème
  • Gascogne Elegance collection : wixh stands out by its harmony, simple beauty and timeless elegance

“A confidential lifeplace where there is warmth and softness for a clean and minimal decoration.
Enter a neoclassical world, a style that is fashion free…”

Parement bois perle collection élégance
Parement bois pierre de lune collection élégance
Parement bois mars collection élégance
Parement bois plume collection élégance
Parement bois ivoire collection élégance
Parement bois coquillage collection élégance
Parement bois opale collection élégance
Parement bois marron glacé collection élégance
  • Gascogne Neographe collection : new graphic forms for new emotions

“Intuition and curiosity … we celebrate here the games graphics and color palettes to concentrate wealth.
Compose at home an urban design, resolutely modern, to evoke emotion by the extreme personalization.”

Parement bois tenere collection néographe
Parement bois alaska collection néographe

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